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Making CPD Records Simple
CPDTag is a system to automate building your Continuing Professional Development Record by scanning a QR code at CPD Events.
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Scan Event or Resource CPD Tags with your Smartphone

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Automatically add these to your CPD Record.

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Attach these to your CPD Map goals.

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Get a PDF of your CPD Record with 1 click!

Whether you’re part of a small business or professional trade body, any organisation can benefit from registering on CPD Tag.
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As well as automatic event recording, CPD Tag has a suite of tools you can use to keep all your CPD progress in one place.


Build your profile, including education, workplaces, accreditations, memberships, and voluntary roles.


Structure your CPD by setting up Professional Areas, Skills and Goals (see below).


Build a portfolio of your work, such as projects, papers, or initiatives you would like to record for future reference.


Easy access to a table of all of your CPD Activities.

Being web-based, you can add any of the four activity types to your CPD record from anywhere anytime.


CPD Sessions, meetings, conferences etc.


Literature review, reading journals etc.


Courses, formal training sessions etc.


Any CPD Sessions you have delivered.


Build your CPD Map to track where you are and where you're going!

If you want to get the most out of CPD Tag, you can set up your own CPD Map. You start by setting up the areas of your professional life you want to develop. These might relate to a technical aspect of your job, the management of your team, or administration of your company.

The next step is to identify the skills or abilities you think you need to develop to support the professional area. In a technical area these might relate to obtaining a high degree of proficiency in a certain type of technical work. A more management-base skill might relate to learning understanding legal obligations, or developing interpersonal skills.

The last step is to set measurable goals which will develop the skills they relate to. These might be achieving accreditations or qualifications, or some other way to validate that a skill is developing as you would hope.

Have a look at the live demo to see an example CPD Map!


Whether you’re part of a small business or professional trade body, any organisation can benefit from registering on CPD Tag.

Keep your members up to date with upcoming CPD activities and the latest resources

Create CPD events and build up a library of CPD resources for your members. Your members can then see what events are coming up, pledge attendance to your events, and scan these straight into their CPD records.

Streamline your Processes

CPD Tag will automatically create CPD certificates for attendees that want them, so you won’t have to do anything after the event. Even attendees that aren’t using CPD tag can directly download CPD certificates at the event by scanning the QR code with any scanning app.

Helpful Attendance Data

Create different types of attendee, such as ‘in-person’ and ‘online’ to get a breakdown of the different types – both pledged and validated attendees. You can also receive feedback directly from attendees to help guide future events.


You'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions feel free to email us at .

Do you have to pay to use CPD Tag?

No. CPD Tag is completely free for individuals and organisations. The intention is that it will always be free to use, and free from any advertising. We may implement a way to make donations later if needed, however these would always be made on an entirely voluntary basis.

Will data be shared with anyone?

No information you add to your CPD Tag account will ever be shared with any third parties, except for the purpose of running the platform - for example, the server hosting the site is owned by a company (currently GoDaddy) we pay to host it. Information is shared with them by necessity, but would never be shared with anyone else for any other purpose. In addition, CPD Tag will only ever record information you explicitly add to your account for the purposes of tracking your CPD. No other information will ever be recorded other than the information you can see in your account. If you close your account all information realted to you will be permanently removed from the server.

Does CPD Tag Comply with the UK GDPR?

Yes, CPD Tag is fully compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulations. Have a look at our GDPR Compliance Statement for more information, and feel free contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

To What Extent can I Use CPD Tag

You can use CPD Tag to whatever extent you require. For example, you could purely use it as an easy means of tabulating the CPD events you have attended. Or you could use all of the tools available to build a full CPD Map with professional areas, skills and goals, along with your professional profile and a portfolio of your projects. It's totally up to you.

What if there is no CPD Tag for an event

You can manually add a new CPD activity to your record at any time. You just create a new 'event attendance' activity and add the details. You could also ask the host organisation to register on CPD Tag to make it easier in future for their attendees to add their events to their CPD records.

How do I register a new organisation

Once you have registered your own user account using the register form above, you can register a new organisation in the Admin Area. In the Admin -> Organisations section there is a button marked 'Register a New Organisation'. This will open the form to create a new organisation. There is also loads of help documentation in the system, so you should find all the help you need there. You can have a play with the Live Demo by clicking the 'Launch Live Demo' further up the page.